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A Physicist’s Monologue

New release on bandcamp. Featuring a conversation with an anonymous conspiracy theorist and physicist. A Physicist’s Monologue by Phil Puleo Here’s a transcript to “You Take It In” “It’s interesting to me, what I do with these sort of conversations, I compare the way people react to what I’m trying to show them. You, you’re calm, you take it in,… Read more →

New Release on Bandcamp

Phil Puleo's poly"WOG" 1996-2003 by Phil Puleo This is the recently recorded bonus track included with this release (download only) PLUS the original released CD from early 2000 is available in limited quantities. PHILPULEO.BANDCAMP.COM Phil Puleo's poly"WOG" 1996-2003 by Phil Puleo Read more →