A Physicist’s Monologue

New release on bandcamp. Featuring a conversation with an anonymous conspiracy theorist and physicist.

Here’s a transcript to “You Take It In”

“It’s interesting to me, what I do with these sort of conversations, I compare the way people react to what I’m trying to show them. You, you’re calm, you take it in, I can see that you’re actually kind of going forward with it?

A lot of times, what I’ve discovered, is that most people they’re like hermit crabs, you know, the instant this stuff starts floating around *SHOOMP* into the shell.

What you find, what I found, talking to various people, including a whole bunch of scientists, is that not only that… A. they don’t know. They simply don’t know what I’m trying to tell them and B. They get a little scared.

Because know one likes being taken out of their comfort zone.”