This time Puleo sent Leaver a dozen freshly pounded drum tracks. Alone in his garage Leaver immediately attacked the tracks with vocals and harmonicas. A raw demented sound emerged with flickers of grace riding waves of absurdity. This glorious frenzy took the form of songs. An album rose up– hell bent on release. Battered and spent the two creators looked at each other and what they had wrought declaring once again….THAT’S FAR ENOUGH.



You Gotta Move by That’s far Enough


We Gotta Move in 2023. Get thrown. New THAT’S FAR ENOUGH and BIRDTHROWER albums in stores soon!!! Video by Phil Puleo. You Gotta Move by Mississippi Fred McDowell. Drums by @philpuleo666. Vocals and harmonica by Robert O. Leaver.


Over the course of a week, Robert O. Leaver and I recorded a few new songs. I played Turkish banjo, Ukulele, harmonica and other things. Robert wrote the lyrics and sang.

“THAT’S FAR ENOUGH made a second record. We’re calling it II. It is a collection of sweetly rabid nature songs inspired by living things on a dead end road deep in the Catskill Mountains. Banjo! Drums! “Singing”! Enjoy!” – Robert O. Leaver


New stuff on Bandcamp

My Music, His Words, Grandmothers Painting. Is a collaboration with Robert O. Leaver (Birdthrower, This Wilderness) My Music, His Vocals & Grandmothers Painting by Phil Puleo & Robert O. Leaver   and… My Bug Series, CICADA, EARWIG & WEEVIL. Written and recorded during the height of the pandemic. Original linoleum block prints are available of the Bug cover art. (ALL… Read more →

A Physicist’s Monologue

New release on bandcamp. Featuring a conversation with an anonymous conspiracy theorist and physicist. A Physicist’s Monologue by Phil Puleo Here’s a transcript to “You Take It In” “It’s interesting to me, what I do with these sort of conversations, I compare the way people react to what I’m trying to show them. You, you’re calm, you take it in,… Read more →