I’m a composer, artist, drummer and multi-instrumentalist. I’m a founding member of the 90’s band Cop Shoot Cop. Since 1995 (ending 2017) I’ve been the drummer for the experimental rock group Swans. Throughout those years I’ve also collaborated with Michael Gira on his Angels of Light musical project.

Currently trying to make sense of my solo archives. I hope to rework and create new pieces for an upcoming release. TBC.

Other projects:
The Children: Core members are Jim Coleman and Michael Weiner. Norman Westberg, Rock Savage, John John, Kirsten McCord are just a few co-conspirators.
This Wilderness: Mainly a duo of Jim Coleman and Robert “Crash” Leaver. I’ve contributed hammered dulcimer, tongue drum, kalimba, duduk, and fujara to a soon to be released 11 song album.

Looking for drumming gigs in the Chicago area.

SOUNDCLOUD: Mostly my solo pieces.