A Physicist’s Monologue

New release on bandcamp. Featuring a conversation with an anonymous conspiracy theorist and physicist.

Here’s a transcript to “You Take It In”

“It’s interesting to me, what I do with these sort of conversations, I compare the way people react to what I’m trying to show them. You, you’re calm, you take it in, I can see that you’re actually kind of going forward with it?

A lot of times, what I’ve discovered, is that most people they’re like hermit crabs, you know, the instant this stuff starts floating around *SHOOMP* into the shell.

What you find, what I found, talking to various people, including a whole bunch of scientists, is that not only that… A. they don’t know. They simply don’t know what I’m trying to tell them and B. They get a little scared.

Because know one likes being taken out of their comfort zone.”

New Release on Bandcamp

This is the recently recorded bonus track included with this release (download only) PLUS the original released CD from early 2000 is available in limited quantities.


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